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NFTRH Mission Statement, Promo, Stream of Consciousness...


Excerpted from NFTRH141, dated June 19, 2011:

"Wow… they say charts are a bunch of phooey. I say they are a road map that keeps patient travelers on the right course. NFTRH has noted that a decline in the HUI-Gold ratio, in conjunction with improving gold miner fundamentals, is a buying opportunity. So, while I have a very healthy core of gold stocks, I will plan to do just that.

Individuals can of course do as they see fit (NFTRH is but one of the many research sources out there with one of many orientations) but this writer is becoming greedy, as I believe is appropriate. The caveat is that the expected test of the Armageddon ’08 lows can extend well below the .30 level highlighted above. Patience also remains in play even as gold stocks provide deeper value in relation to gold with each passing week. Again, declining prices do not indicate value, but declining prices in tandem with improving fundamentals do."

The above excerpt does not include the actual fundamental analysis that is reviewed weekly in NFTRH, but the work is done and updated on an ongoing basis.  The fundies are not good just because a writer says they are good.  Months of NFTRH issues have led up to this moment, doing the dirty work each week of digging into the details and holding firm as a result.  As an investor I depend on my own hard work.

I realize that the way I go about market management is not for everybody.  The newsletter has significant narrative to go along with bottom line summary, but never tries to tell the reader what to do or what to think.  That is because for success over the longer haul, I demand that the reader accept responsibility for his or her own thinking and associated actions.

The dedicated and long term bunch that has remained on board w/ NFTRH seems to value the letter (and interim email updates) exactly for this reason.  Many are industry professionals and many more are individual investors who want a no bullshit view of the framework within which they go about their trading and/or investments.  NFTRH does not make bold calls looking to become the next Richard Russell or Robert Prechter.

But NFTRH is sure to be consistently among the first on the correct intermediate trends.  Since I began managing personal funds back in 2002, the speculative portfolio has gained an annualized 34% per year (about 320% in total).  This while actively managing risk every step of the way (I avoid doing what is needed for 100% annual gains because that involves noxious levels of risk taking).

This is not a bragging thing; it is just a reflection of how I go about the markets.  Capital preservation (as is often appropriate) is even more important than making a killing during an exhilarating momentum surge.  I simply love to be in position to capitalize on events like the one happening at the moment in the precious metals, and I also love being prepared for periods of pain and angst.

NFTRH held bear positions (including at various times against silver and gold stocks) as risk was high going into and coming out of the the April highs.  As risk declined, bear positions were ejected, most for profit and all having done their job of keeping the portfolio within the +5%, -5% range that had been the stated goal during a high risk period.

Now, euphoria is coming back into play.  The port is at all time highs and life is good.  But the writer is going to get back to work looking around the next corner.  For 26 bucks a month (3 or 4 trade commissions), you can have a dedicated geek willing to toil and do some pretty hard work that just may add value to your other sources of intelligence.  Here on the blog, you are only getting little quick hit, fill-in the blanks type of stuff.

Thank you for your consideration.  ;-)

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"Was just reflecting today on how much better educated and prepared I am today, thanks to NRTRH, than I was two years ago when I got crushed by holding gold stocks nearly all the way down. I only survived with my account intact because I discovered your blog in Sept ‘08, had some cash in reserve, and began buying like a maniac, per your insights, at HUI 150+. Reading your work over the past two years has given me a crash course in risk management and today I am a completely different kind of investor. I shudder to think what would have happened if I hadn’t stumbled on your blog. There’s no doubt I would have been gold bug roadkill."  --Stephen M, August 31, 2010