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Here are the rest of the photos and down below, a few video clips.  Sorry for the horizontal on the first one.  I am not sure how that happened.  As I let this all settle in, my views have not changed.  I at least made an effort, in the middle of a working weekend, to get in there and see Occupy Boston for myself before making any further comment on the movement as a detached, abstracted blogger.

I was not altered in any way whatsoever.  Feedback has me thinking that there are a lot of people who really want this to be something other than 10 years too late, when it might have made a difference (as noted by one emailer).  I cannot help but think that this is trend following and maybe that is just how I am wired to think being a market guy.  I cannot help but wonder where the movement was when we were a society still happily living on the national credit card, hubris ever expanding and convenience the overarching theme.

The guy in the video previous to this post was out there nearly alone (with David Walker at the US GAO) in the wilderness 10 years ago, warning, imploring and through honest orientation virtually knowing something was terribly wrong.  There were the old veteran gold bugs I used to read over at Gold-Eagle, citing the work of the Austrians, led by von Mises.  Along came we bloggers and assorted other writers and speakers warning of the coming collapse of the system at the hands of years of abuse coming out of Wall Street, the government and the Federal Reserve.

In that we are still making all the same mistakes in obsessing on more inflationary QE (think about it, that is THE primary economic fundamental that conventional stock touts are hoping for) I suppose OB and especially OWS are finally trying to say ENOUGH!!  But I am just one person with one opinion, and that opinion is that the resistance should be against the big political parties that cater to very different constituencies (some of which I see represented @ OB - sorry liberals), a dysfunctional government that hears the voice of monied interests above all, and of course the source of that money; namely, the Corporatocracy which increasingly controls modern societies.

The '99%' are not represented at Occupy Boston in my opinion.  This is not what revolutionaries are going to want to hear, but the 99% really felt more like I don't know, maybe about 10% or so.  Where are the millions of people who work hard trying to make ends meet, do what they have to do and yet fall further behind due to the inflation born of money printing by the Fed/Congressional relationship, and any given Treasury Secretary's cozy relationship with powerful financial corporations?

The message is this - again, according to one tiny little blogger who has been writing about the process since 2004, and following it for 10+ years - the Federal Reserve, at the behest of an out of control government, has been finding ways to print money out of thin air in ever more creative ways to meet ever more hazardous moral hazards while the Wall Street banks acted as conduits (marking up their end every step of the way) to an unsuspecting public.

Ron Paul and David Walker were two people in government trying to wake the people up.  Various alternate media tried to wake people up.  The people would not wake up.  Now, after things became obviously screwed up, here came the Tea Party and now, here comes OWS.  People are pissed.  I get it.  But I continue to hold the opinion that this movement is going to fail if it cannot hone a consistent message.  OB is not OWS, the latter of which I have not personally witnessed.  So again, I cannot comment there.  But I know what I saw on Saturday, and it was not happening.  Not yet, anyway.  Not from my 2 hour snippet in time.

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