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Gold - Time is Running Out

|Includes: SPDR Gold Trust ETF (GLD)

Gold is boring even the most ardent boosters as it heads into a seasonally positive period off of this bullish pattern that is now the better part of 2 years old.

This is why I love the markets. Perceptions and misperceptions are allowed to sprout and fester. People are allowed to be greedy, wanting, impatient, angry, fearful and confused. People are allowed to become the counter party. In the previous post I talked about the herds 'sitting happily in USD' in Q4 of 2008. Bingo, counter party ready made to be taken advantage of.

Today in gold, we have some different potential intermediate term outcomes all wrapped up in a big picture bullish situation. But it is the shorter terms that will give us our counter parties. The ones who need to be fooled into taking the wrong side of the macro trade. I am going to expand this theme in NFTRH48, but for now, you should be able to get my general drift just by looking at the chart.

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