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US Dollar

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The chart shows what these creeps did to the dollar today. We have supposed economic growth in the works (don't panic the people) yet we will keep inflationary policy in place indefinitely and as we see fit (actually, as the t-bill sees fit). Meanwhile, the dollar tanks (okay really, who are the jokers that immediately begin buying and selling stocks, currencies and whatever else is not nailed down immediately upon the release of the totally predictable FOMC?).

Anyway, predictably these myopic bureaucrats did not support their currency because its continued devaluation is critical to their economic recovery. Maybe we have to wait for Bob Hoye's Mother Nature to intervene and drive the casino patrons back to Jesus. Or maybe India's buying of gold, a serious rejection of US policy toward its 'world reserve currency', is the loudest message yet to the dunderheads in high place attempting to engineer their way out of systemic and fatal problems. The world cannot be happy about the continued denial under which the US continues to operate and manage its recovery.