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Stimulus at Work

Sometimes it is fun to go digging around in the government's data to confirm or refute a given analytical viewpoint. From the BLS, here is a graph of production workers on the rebound. We are in recovery folks. But again, is it the dead cat variety before the next shoe drops?

What have we done in any organic or healthy way to firm up a massively faulty way of doing business? Nothing... just closed our eyes, clicked our ruby slippers and repeated 'there's no place like home' while throwing debt creation and spending at the problem. That won't work in a sustainable way. At least it will not work equitably for people who do not invest and hedge in very certain ways.

There will be no recovery without the effects (prices) of the most recent inflationary policy (money creation) coming forth. This reminds me, it must be time to start watching those pesky money supply graphs again, along with the oh so critical long bond.