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NFTRH67 Out Now

#67 is 20 pages long, so I guess I had a lot to say this weekend. The most important macro signpost is the long-term treasury market.

Charts of the 30 year bond yield were shown in a progression of daily, weekly and monthly time frames. Their potential message - looking for all the world like it is very possible (probable?) - is profound. It's the liquidity stupid.

Meanwhile, some bubbles continue unabated, while a few potential values have shown up and been highlighted for trades. A world full of casino patrons remains in comfy conventional mode and we have a potential case of 'same shit, different decade' with the Wizard in control - or seemingly so.

I just got done reading NFTRH67 now that the dust has settled and I thought 'hey, this guy is working hard to get it right'. :-)