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The "Too Big to Fail" Lie -- Saville

|Includes: Financial Select Sector SPDR ETF (XLF)
As long as Steve Saville is going keep writing things that I think are must reading, I guess I am going to highlight them here.  A lot of worth-while things are published and linked here on the Biiwii Analysis page, but lately Saville is standing out.

Please read The "Too Big to Fail" Lie (as applied to banks), as it is yet another strong piece by a well researched and well grounded writer.  BTW, I have no relationship with Mr. Saville other than he is one of the guest contributors to  Due to a lack of free time (not complaining, mind you), I have had to whittle the list down.  Saville is one of the few I would keep on the roster however, until such time as I would decide to can the entire exercise.  I consider the essentials to be the likes of Saville, Hoye, Hussman, Mish and a few others. 

"Unfortunately, the "too big to fail" lie is still going strong. From the government's perspective, the theory that the financial crisis had a lot to do with the sizes of banks* is just too good to let go. This is because it not only provides justification for the huge wealth transfer of 2008-2009 and diverts blame from the government and the Fed; it also creates an opportunity for the regulators to be seen as saviours rather than culprits."