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NFTRH83 - Get it Free

|Includes: DIA, GDX, GDXJ, GLD, Invesco QQQ ETF (QQQ), SLV, SPY, TLT, UUP
Some newsletter writers give stuff away each and every week and I suppose there is validity to this, from the standpoint of getting the word out. Many of the writers have been in business for decades and I would assume know the ins and outs. I am a newbie to the 'industry'.

But I am reluctant to frequently give away content that subscribers are paying for, even at the expense of promo. It's just the way it is I guess. Instead I try to create new content on the blog independent of NFTRH. Anyway, now that the initial break has come I thought I would join the giveaway parade. Here's NFTRH83 for your reference. A risk table appears weekly near the end of the report as a handy reference. As you can see, we are prepared for some err, negative events. Just as we were prepared for positive ones a year+ ago.

NFTRH was ready for yesterday as well as for what is upcoming. Here is an email from a subscriber:

Major tip of the hat to you... You've provided real help to me and my family. I was pretty well protected today and your news letter had a lot to do with me being properly positioned. Thank you. Monty High, World of Wall Street.

NFTRH83 is available here (left side bar)

Note the risk table near the end. It is a handy reference updated weekly as to the risk/reward ratios of various markets.