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Sabina Gold & Silver - Ouch

Sabina was a consistent member of the NFTRH portfolios and even before the newsletter, was a stock that treated me very well. The chart notes that I failed to sell on the first try at the resistance target. But I did not fail to do so on the second hit.

This is a pretty good lesson on why I always hold a good amount of these things, at least as long as I am big picture bullish. Just wish I had done so w/ Sabina and let one of the duds go that I am currently holding onto. Funny thing about PM exploration duds though; they tend to get very exciting very quickly.

As for Sabina, I will have zero problem buying it higher (than it was sold at) once it settles down, if it settles down. Dohhhh. This is the markets, and they don't give a damn about you or me. Sometimes you get stung, but you get right up the next day and you go to work.

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