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Why No Longer Bearish?

|Includes: GDX, GLD, UUP, iPath S&P 500 VIX Short-Term Futures ETN (VXX)

The question came up as to why I am no holding bear positions on the markets. The answer is that I do not play momentum to the upside so why would I play it to the downside? With the VIX exploding, the USD at an extreme and sentiment getting flushed down the toilet, I remain a risk vs. reward player. Plain and simple. I understand that the biggest gains or losses can come after over bought/over sold readings. But that kind of play is for momos.

As I have always said, cash is a position. The bear positions did their job and now that I like the dawning RvR in the gold sector, it is time to think about finding gems on sale there; albeit very patiently.

That's why. I will be a bear again when the RvR says it is a good risk.

Disclosure: Long common sense, short stupidity