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Blogger Gazes at Navel

In the form of a response to a new subscriber trying to get a read on how the blog and newsletter go together. Short answer; they don't. Just an FYI since you are here reading this right now anyway.

Hi Pierre,

I would look at the blog as a stand alone thing. People tell me I speak in riddles and I do it for a reason. You are paying for full on analysis in
NFTRH and I don't feel I need to be working too hard for free (and undercutting subscribers). Too many analysts out there give away too much info IMO. What is the point? The blog is fun for me and I have been told that people, once they get a read on me, find a lot of value in it. But again, NFTRH is a business. The blog is just a blog. Ag? You mean the Agro post? Just a potential trade is all. Not worthy of taking up too much space in NFTRH.

So, with that said I really do want to try to make
NFTRH a bit easier to read. But it is hard because the markets are not easy and I believe hard work needs to be done to succeed. So I will repeat that you can ask me for clarification any time if I am unclear, as you have done here.

I am strong on gold's VALUE and neutral on its PRICE right now. That is a key concept; price vs. value. It is how I was taught and it is the opposite of the gambling mentality so prevalent out there. Gold is always about value, not price. Silver is something I suppose I am constructive on beyond the deflation impulse scenario.

I think it is irresponsible for so called gurus to be making predictions and statements that scare or worse, stimulate greed in people. 'Oops, I was wrong... but thanks for the yearly subscription fee'. Nobody knows what is going to happen. I just try to do this hard, confusing work to get hints.

Hope I could make a couple things more clear.



Disclosure: No positions mentioned.