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They're At It Again... Inflationist & Deflationist

|Includes: SPDR Gold Trust ETF (GLD), IEF, TLT, UUP

Karl Denninger's posts have been linked over at the main site on several occasions but more and more it seems to me as if he is rabid in his viewpoints and too emotional about nearly everything. I think he is smart, but maybe so much so that the forest is obscured by too many trees (signposts, data points... what have you).

Mr. Denninger & Gold - Part Deux

Gekko - No Wonder He Went To Prison

The pissing contest continues... and it's all part of the fun of these periods when the inflationists and deflationists are at each other's throats, with the prize being your would-be ability to suspend all nuance and go full bore into one ideology or the other. Wash, rinse, repeat.

You gotta love the markets and the players therein.

Edit (10:39) Look, nobody is harder on the gold bugs than me. I get disturbed when I see them drag religion into it, I don't like the 'us against them... good against evil' imagery. I get nervous when the cheesy gold commercials come on Fox and I am well aware of the long tradition of pitchmanitis that comes with the old monetary metal.

The fact remains however, that Karl - and many other deflationists have been wrong since 2001. Flat out wrong and not seeing the forest for the very thick growth of trees on the financial landscape.

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