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Gold Stocks - It's Different This Time

|Includes: VanEck Vectors Gold Miners ETF (GDX), GDXJ, GLD

That has been an ongoing theme in NFTRH, and the reason is fundamenatals, which are way different from the run up to the crash of 2008 when gold mining led the crash. Look at the miners, again trying to fight the pull of the heavy pig (market).

Slowly but surely we are getting confirmation on the investment premise. There are some rough days but generally the gold stocks are in outperformance mode. It is almost as if the market - big dumb casino that it is - is beginning to factor in that this sector's fundamentals stand to benefit from events now in play; and I am not necessarily talking about a rising gold price.

NFTRH90 led off with a bit about not being afraid to be bullish. That is because my main bias is to be cautionary. But all I can say is that things are lining up, gold and its miners are still in major bull markets technically and there are times of opportunity. So I remained bullish in spite of an "elevated risk" environment in the short term, holding positions with personal rules about not selling out of a bull market in place.

Seeing the gold stocks fight the downard pull is a 'tell' for after D Boys have had their play.

Disclosure: Long the gold sector