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Survival 101

|Includes: GDX, GDXJ, SPDR Gold Trust ETF (GLD), SLV
On my regular blog I clicked on the name of commenter 'Gunnery' below the Gold - The battle is already won post.  His website comes up when you click his name and is a sort of A-Z in survival.  It looks pretty comprehensive.  

Now, I know a lot of 'proper' financial types, especially those who read my stuff over at SeekingAlpha and other bastions of relative convention, will think this is nutty stuff.  But as part of my activation to start a website and later this blog - in an effort to get on top of the massive changes going on in the financial landscape - I also went semi-survivalist; a sort of survivalist lite..

There was a reason a guy who had tuned out the 2nd Amendment debate all his life (and been relatively apolitical) found himself trained, licensed and in possession of a 9mm semi-automatic.  There is a reason we have 3 wood stoves (I do a lot of chainsawing and splitting and thoroughly enjoy it along with the warmth these stoves kick off), have a generator (a life saver during the wicked ice storms that knocked out our area for a week a couple Decembers ago), are on well water, etc.

I even started organic gardening, but when I got into a rock band (hey, you can only do so much) that had to go on hold, and would be raising chickens except that I want to stay married (messy birds, on top of the gun would have really pushed the limit there).  In place of these for now, there remains the stored Mountain Home canned goods with 20-something year shelf life and the knowledge that my town had been a small farming and agriculture town with resources remaining, at least in comparison to the average suburb.

There was a time when I really felt removed from the conventional world but as the creeping adjustment of the US moves forward, I find it does not all end in one terrible Armageddon but rather, it just increments lower over time and degrades every step of the way.

I function well in the conventional world, own and operate (sort of) a conventional business, trade and invest in the changes taking place in the macro financial world (gold is not changing folks, the stuff around it is - attempt to revise casino mentality), pay my taxes like a good citizen (making pre-payments this year I actually have to write checks directly to 'The Untited States Treasury' and each time I do so I wonder what Mr. Geithner and congress will use my little portion of their [our] vast treasury of paper for) and worry about what kind of country we are passing along to our children.

Even the conventional herd worries greatly about that last one.  I do not see government as evil but rather as a collection of the dullest and dimmest, myopically conducting business as usual in the footsteps of the progressively dim politicians and policy makers that came before them.  It is the result of the collective hubris of a society that has been on top for so long - using its reserve paper to maintain power - that it does not see that it is on borrowed time.  A good portion of the rest of the world sees this, however.

Take the survivalist theme above for what it is.  Do what you want or don't do anything.  That's your choice.  The blog's theme is investment so at the least, think about getting in line with the global changes now moving forward in creeping adjustment.  The US, much of Europe and the developed world are being pulled down while great swaths of the productive world are in a slow ascension.  Getting in tune with this theme is a major step toward long term financial survival in my opinion.

Disclosure: I hold positions in things of value