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Morning Note From 'J'

|Includes: SPDR Gold Trust ETF (GLD)

 Note the last sentence my good people. 

"Overnight, lethargy continues to reign as we trade in a $6 range. Latest open interest rose 7,000 contracts to ~520,000 and was certainly no surprise given the price pop we received after the overripe astonishment on the unemployed Friday morning. GSR is slightly elevated at ~65.90 and still within the range.

Today: Let us default to the 1415 (NY time) speed readers who will instantly interpret the existential yin and yang as to how our monetary leaders intend to respond to the less than productive conclusions of  our fiscal leaders' stimulating plans; given the enervating results of past dosings perhaps we should have the FDA review future FED actions. There have been so many media 'leaks' in the past week that QE2 is upon us they had better deliver something or we shall find everything for sale and that includes gold."

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