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Blow Your Mind?

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...well, maybe not you because you read Zero Hedge, Hussman, Ackerman, Shedlock, etc., but most people might get a consciousness raising impulse out of this.  Then again, most people make due by being pleasantly asleep; by remaining as comfortable as possible in an extreme big picture situation, clinging to convention at all CO$T$.

Read this piece from Rick Ackerman's website called Doomsdayers Are Not Cynical Enough... please.

It is written by a veteran floor trader and market maker named Wayne Razzi, who gladly accepts the label "conspiracy theorist" as he puts forth his honest beliefs - scarily, born of real world educated experience.  I am highlighting this gentlemen, because it was a former professional trader who zapped my brain so many years ago as well.  He was a friend of Ackerman, in fact.

I walked around feeling disconnected from the daily life I lived and the people in it due to the burden of having been awakened.  There were many aspects to the awaking as I have mentioned over the years previously; alternative power and heat generation, self-defense, precious metals and the meaning of 'money'... and the growing feeling that this is all unreal - yeh, like in the rabbit hole.

My tack has been to tune out almost everything (NYSE:MSM) and stick with TA and the more forensic indicators to follow the tracks left by this creature that eats the system alive.  My tack has been to go about life like a normal person, despite playing in a very abnormal - and rigged - game.

But there are people - pro's, who have seen so much more than the average person like me or maybe you - who are willing and able to articulate so well their views on a frightening big picture lurching ever closer to a sad eventuality; for those unprepared and still living contentedly and comfy in Western-style Hubris at least.  Here is a quote from Mr. Razzi, but do read the entire article.

 In reference to Catherine Austin Fitts' "Tapeworm Economy":

The way an actual tapeworm operates is to inject its host with a chemical that makes the host crave what is good for the tapeworm and bad for the host. So the Tapeworm Economy is adept at using media and education and numerous financial incentives to get us acting against our own strategic interests and instead supporting and depending on the Tapeworm.

The symptoms of the Tapeworm are many – narcotics trafficking that targets our children, runaway exploitive and predatory corporate practices such as the patenting of life, terminator seed and the destruction of our topsoil and food supply, fraudulent inducement of debt to homeowners, students and consumers, suppression of knowledge and renewable energy technology, criminal mismanagement of government credit and resources, black budget operations and the manipulation of currency, financial and precious metal prices and markets. These practices introduce organized crime throughout all aspects of our lives… these transactions drain our families and neighborhoods on a daily basis – much like a tapeworm drains its host.

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