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Fun With Charts... Gold & Silver

|Includes: SPDR Gold Trust ETF (GLD), SLV, SPY

 Silver is at a new multi-decade high.  Precious metals and commodity bulls cheer.  Stock markets may float along, rising in an inflationary tide that lifts all boats - to one degree or another.  Bears curse the manipulated markets, new casino patrons enter the game, drunk on dreams of inflationary riches and then... CRASH (at some point down the road).  At least that is the message of the previous two times silver made a strong move and got ahead of gold. 

Would three be a charm, and perhaps end the system? I don't know, I am just the blogger who drew the cartoon-like chart.  Just asking questions and demanding readers remain aware of bigger pictures in play; pictures of frightened capital, global perspectives and human greed and fear.  Stuff like that.

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