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GBG = Great Big (Pile Of) Garbage

|Includes: Great Basin Gold Ltd (GBG)

Aside from owning best of breed mining/exploration companies in safer locations with lower risk profiles, and management that has proven itself in the past, I am defaulting to my strengths. Those are macro market management and chart reading. For me, it will be much easier to manage the GDXJ ETF for instance than it would be for a piece like Great Basin Gold. Here is what GBG management (and interim management) has brought for shareholders to date: (click to enlarge) 3 bucks to 23 cents. Great job boys. Here's the latest ignominy from a company whose mines once had potential until the former CEO began massively diluting shareholders at inopportune times. When that happened, it compromised the benefit to shareholders even if the mines were operated well. It turns out these clowns cannot even operate well. Aside from a few trusted fundamental sources I have for individual stocks I'll stick with the Royal Golds, Silver Wheatons and maybe a solid and proven mutual fund or two. But mostly I think that trading GDXJ and GDX will be the way to smooth out the significant company risk in this sector. Subscribe to the free eLetter Disclosure: I have no positions in any stocks mentioned, and no plans to initiate any positions within the next 72 hours.