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S&P 500: Another Week Of Sell-Offs

|Includes: SPDR S&P 500 Trust ETF (SPY)

Macro Environment:

U.S. Jobless claims climbed to 293,000, which was lower than analyst estimates (suppose to be good for the market).

Orders for U.S. capital goods less military orders and planes were also up, and above analyst estimates (which is also suppose to be good for the market).

Consumer confidence was down to levels not seen since early July. Down to 35.5 from 37.2. (Not too pretty when looking for signs of soon-to-be booming consumer spending).

Oil futures are up with WTI-BRENT spread widening given news about some refineries experiencing outages.

Amid Cooling inflation, three federal reserve presidents are urging for slower-than-anticipated increases in interest rates given cooling inflation.

Treasuries rise as international investors shift towards quality rather than quantity creating more demand.

Micro Environment:

Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL) faced a large sell-off today amid concerns of Tim Cook's leadership and iOS8 operating issues (and the bending of the iPhone 6s as well).

HB Fuller Co. (NYSE:FUL) missed analyst expectations for Q3.


The economy is still not yet comfortably expanding. Economic indicators are all over the place, and require biased interpretation in order to make any sense.

Looking at the 20-year seasonality of the S&P 500, I would expect as a historical-based investor, that the S&P should decline in value for the next week or two. If not a decline, then flat trading.