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My Name Is Giul Xainx

I come from the land of enchantment. I was born in 1987. Two years after the video game crash happened. I currently live in the "FPS capital" of the world: Denver Colorado. I don't have any special degrees in anything and I am currently interested in business schools, particularly the Macro and Micro economics of Business science. Although I may not be "book smart" I am "consumer smart" when it comes to consumer electronics.

I have been a video gamer since I was old enough to operate a computer. I never owned any games when MSDoS came out but it was fun being able to take a look at trees and file systems. The first video game I played was just turning on the computer and being able to access files.

After a few years I got my first Super Nintendo Entertainment System (NASDAQ:SNES). It was when Ken Griffey Junior had a digitally signed baseball card in each new system sold. Growing up video games became a part of my life. I went from the SNES to the Nintendo 64 (N64) a few years down the road. My other friends had the PlayStation or the Gameboy, and even the XBOX alongside the PlayStation 2. I ended up getting the PS2. I couldn't believe what I was missing from PS1 because all I had was a Nintendo 64 for about 7 years straight.

My friends would decide whose house to go to just to hang out and play video games. Some of my friends had different games than I did and had peculiar ways of obtaining some of the most crazy games I have ever seen like Nightmare Creatures, or Dragon Ball Z. When it came to being popular you had to have the right game. If you didn't pick the right game then no one ever paid any attention to you. So I tried a lot of different games. And by doing so I gained knowledge on what people liked to play and what they considered to be 'bunk' games. Where as you'd rent them from the store, bring it home, play with it for 20 minutes before you decided to hit that eject button and throw it on the top bunk of your bunk bed set.

After years of trial and error with several games I started getting into the games that people enjoyed while also discovering new games that I got my friends involved in playing. I bought the PS3 and ignored the 360 and found quite a few interesting titles that never got any attention because everyone moved onto the shooters such as Call of Duty or Battlefield. I have played a few of those titles myself but I always found myself looking for something different. But nothing satisfied that itch to just jump in a game and start shooting everyone.

Because of this I found myself buying a lot of independent titles from the PS Store because they were cheap, and a lot of the times, they are fun. Now we have the PS4, PS Vita/TV, 3DS, Xbox One, Wii U, Ouya, Steam, and cell phone game markets. While I do own a PC and a cell phone, I don't find cell phone games as much fun for me to play. But seeing how these developers are taking their phone games to consoles I don't mind picking them up when I get the chance.

Because the market is so flooded a lot of gamers don't know which games to buy. But I am able to muster a guess on what consumers will buy, and what consumers miss out on.

When it comes to consoles I have more than a huge background in gaming, but a more clear understanding in what these Video Gaming Consumers want. And right now I think the PS4 is the best overall choice on every gamers mind.

Disclosure: I have no positions in any stocks mentioned, and no plans to initiate any positions within the next 72 hours.