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Galectin Therapeutics CX Trial Data Phenomenal (Feuerstein Misleads Investors To Help The Shorts)

|About: Galectin Therapeutics, Inc. (GALT)

Subset of Population Predicts Efficacy.

Feuerstein Misleads Investors.

Stephen Harrison Sets Record Straight.

Big Pharma Will Come Knocking.

All Phase II and Phase III trials look at a subset of the trial population to see if there is a variable that is more predictive of efficacy. This I why all breast cancer patients are divided into groups and each group is treated differently. This shows how dishonest Adam Feuerstein is when he went out the tweet “many $GALT red flags raised this morning.  They really data-mined the f—k out of this study.”  Separating out the subpopulation is a standard practice and that is exactly what they did.  There’s no mystery that Galectin Therapeutics (GALT) analyzed subsets as AF contends. GALT now knows exactly what group to target and go after to a Phase III design and/or approval. The question is which big pharma will get in the door to partner with them and how soon.

 AF and his short selling buddies were dishonest and dead wrong about the data.  Dr Harrison comments paraphrased; all companies working on late stage NASH will be looking at this this drug for combination with the drugs they are developing.  Additionally, with the safety profile, data fits in the portfolios of the other companies.  He called this drug a “paradigm changer.”  Furthermore he was quoted “this was the first therapy to show a benefit of any kind in a cirrhotic patient.”  This is a powerful statement that just shows the level of confidence in the drug.   He also said the drug sends a strong signal that there are benefits from this therapy and that a phase 3 trial is justified.   

Disclosure: I am/we are long GALT.