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Benitec Q & A

|Includes: BNIKF, Benitec Biopharma Ltd ADR (BTEBY)

For my next blog entry I am thinking of a questions and answers article. I would like to take questions from the readership about Benitec (OTCPK:BTEBY, OTCPK:BNIKF) and its pipeline, collate these questions and put them to management.

If anyone would like to participate and have a question put to management, then they can either place a comment below or they can send the question to me via the direct messaging facility of Seeking Alpha.

There will be some rules that will apply in order to make a response manageable - after all these guys do have a company to run and cannot spend too much time on exercises like the one proposed.

I will have the final say on what gets asked. As several questions may be of a similar nature, I reserve the right to edit and modify questions. A limit of one question per reader will apply. Some questions may not make it to the final list. The company is an ASX listed company, therefore, all responses will be in accordance with ASX guidelines, so please don't expect anymore. Questions that would require the company to break ASX guidelines if the answered will not make it to the list, e.g. Is Pfizer about to make an offer for TT-034?

If readers feel that this is a good opportunity, please start your questions coming in and I will have a crack at getting this Q&A published in early March 2015. A cut-off date for questions from the readership will be Tuesday 24 February. I should know by then if the idea has legs.

Should there be enough interest, after the questions are collated and put to the company, I would expect to give the team about a week to respond.

Clearly, this will only work if the readership has questions to ask and so I welcome both your questions for management and feedback on the idea.

Over to you!

Disclosure: The author is long BTEBY, BNIKF.

Additional disclosure: This article is not intend to be investment advice. Readers should do their own research.