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Why It's The Right Time To Add (OTCQB: BLUU) To Your Portfolio

Blue Water Global Group, Inc. is a publicly held developer of casual dining restaurant properties. Blue Water is currently developing a chain of casual dining restaurants in popular tourist destinations throughout the Caribbean under the Blue Water Bar & Grill™ brand.

The Blue Water Bar & Grill™ restaurant concept features a casual, open air Caribbean themed restaurant designed to offer customers a distinctive and relaxing island dining experience.

The initial Blue Water Bar & Grill™ is presently under development on the Caribbean island of St. Maarten, Dutch West Indies.

Ranked #9 by U.S. News and World Report's "Best Islands in the World", St. Maarten is the premier Caribbean destination with the Caribbean's largest cruise ship terminal, busiest regional airport, and home to many of the world's largest mega yachts during the seasonal months from November to April.

Recently BLUU also announced that it has finalized a Letter of Intent (LOI), which is set to close within 90 days, with a family owned distillery located on the Caribbean island of Dominica, W.I. to develop three signature rums sold under the Blue Water label.

A clear or "light", rum for use in mixed drinks that will be comparable to Bacardi™, a lightly spiced rum for use in mixed drinks that will be comparable to Captain Morgan™, and a holiday Spiced rum offered seasonally that will be for holiday type drinks.

In addition to its restaurant development activities, Blue Water is also engaged in making strategic equity investments in promising businesses that are in the early stages of obtaining their own listing on the OTC Bulletin Board and here's why you should own shares of BLUU, IMMEDIATELY.

BLUU owns a large percentage interest in a private company called Stream Flow Media, which is about to go public.

Stream Flow Media, Inc. is headquartered in Charlotte, North Carolina. The Company is a growth-stage start-up that focuses on the development of online gaming solutions that cater specifically to corporate training and customer loyalty and retention mobile applications. Stream Flow also develops its own gaming applications and markets them independent of its third-party agreements.

The Company has entered into an exclusive partnership with X-Team based in Victoria, Australia. This partnership allows the Company to have access to a leading edge development community that has completed several projects for companies such as FOX Entertainment, Rogers, Microsoft, and Pechanga Resort & Casino.

The Company seeks to leverage this strategic alliance to enter into agreements with other Fortune 50 companies to diversify its portfolio of development engagements.

By owning BLUU you can take advantage of their interest in Stream Flow Media before the IPO and make huge returns if you're in at the right time, NOW.

It doesn't even matter if Stream Flow crashes seconds later on the IPO like, Facebook for example. Facebook's preferred investors made billions, while investors who bought the stock during the IPO lost big time.

Investors who own private stock before an IPO are nearly guaranteed to make incredible returns and that's exactly the position BLUU is in with Stream Flow.

The Stream Flow IPO is set to drop at any moment and there`s already some buzz brewing. When this happens BLUU will see significant rise in share price and revenue overnight.

It's critical to take advantage of BLUU right now before the Stream Flow IPO Hits and before the rest of the investing public catches wind of it.

BLUU PPS is sure to move fast in the coming days just on the news of the Stream Flow IPO. When the IPO hits, shares of BLUU are going through the roof. Take advantage of this opportunity IMMEDIATELY.