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Why Investing In POW! Entertainment (OTCQB: POWN) Now Is A Super Idea

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Stan Lee. Yes, the iconic creator of Spider Man, Iron Man, the X-Men, and numerous other Marvel characters. What many don't know is that Stan Lee also has his own publicly traded company called POW! Entertainment (OTCQB: POWN).
POWN essentially acts as a holding company for Stan Lee's intellectual properties. Where he licenses his characters and continues to develop new... characters and projects.
Besides owning an immortal piece of American pop culture, we see significant reasons to own a stake in POWN, right now.
First, Stan Lee is launching an entirely new series on the Hub network called, the Mighty 7. The series is set to premiere February 1st. We anticipate additional press coverage and PR's in the coming days showcasing the launch of Mighty 7. The Mighty 7 franchise is likely to be huge and generate significant revenues from licensing and merchandising. We expect to see immediate short term rise in POWN share prices as the Mighty 7 launch draws closer.
Now, let's talk long term. POWN has had contractual licensing and "first look" agreements with Disney through their subsidiary Silver Creek Entertainment since 2010. This contract was good until 2014 and is set to expire. This information can be found in various POWN 8-k and 10-Q's under "Transactions with Affiliates of The Walt Disney Company".
With Disney's huge successes through their subsidiaries Marvel, which they purchased in 2009, and Silver Creek, which produce blockbusters like Spider Man, Iron Man, etc. It's imperative that Disney maintains their relationship with Stan Lee and POW! Entertainment.
It's also interesting to note that Disney already owns 10% of POWN through another subsidiary, Catalyst Investments LLC, which can also be found in POWN filings under "Transactions with Affiliates of The Walt Disney Company".
We have strong reason to believe that instead of renegotiating the POWN contract, Disney will likely buy POWN out completely. With Disney routinely buying out huge media, production, and entertainment companies, and the fact that Stan Lee is now 92 years young, coupled with the success Disney has seen with his characters, it seems Disney execs are motivated to lock in all of Stan Lee's intellectual properties right away, instead of simply extending their licensing and "first look" deal with POWN.
We suspect Disney's acquisition of POWN is currently in negotiations and expect to see this news drop soon. While POWN currently trades at the ridiculously undervalued price of .05 we believe that an immediate position in POWN could be one of the year's best investments.
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