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Market Sentiment 1/30

|Includes: ABT, Dominion Energy, Inc. (D)

I've been playing with some old tools to gauge market sentiment, and here's a variant;

If you had $5000, where would you invest it today? What are sentiments on where that might be in 12 months out? Where do those appreciations arise from? Gauge a wide range of equities from multiple sectors for sentiments, then narrow down contenders for further analysis and balancing in a blended portfolio.

Mind you, although I have been investing for quite some time, I'm not a "pro". I'm a PhD physicist/engineer so I look at the world through that lens and any thoughts here warrant further analysis on the readers part.

From recent data, we arrive at the following:

No quantity limits were placed on the equities, and only 30 fit the criteria this time, 1/31. All are above 2.09% return (approx S&P 500 average), and all are below 7% (too speculative) for the "low side" return. All of these should still have their original funds, plus at least the low % above.

These are sorted by the general analysts estimates from many sources for the mean/average return (with dividends included, yet not invested ala DRIP). Including the DRIP investing, on a particular date on the future, gauging the cost on that day, then including those in the variance; Well, that's a bit too speculative for my tastes, and I would have no faith in those estimates.

I may update these estimates here from time to time, to gauge the analysis, sector, and market sentiments. For now, these are just concepts on macro- and micro-market sentiment gauges. Note a wide range of sectors from utility (FE, D, NI) to healthcare (CVS, ABT, MDT) to consumer (NASDAQ:MDLZ) to airlines (DAL, UAL) appear, which would tend to indicate broad sector coverage.

Disclosure: I am/we are long D, ABT.