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Caterpillar Stock Information

|Includes: Caterpillar Inc. (CAT)

Caterpillar Inc. has been making a substantial business growth for the last 90 years by making a considerable presence and contribution in every continent of the world. Customers mainly consult the services and products of the Caterpillar Inc. for developing the infrastructure, natural resource assets, and the energy. The company has earned the record revenue of $55.656 billion in the end of 2013 year through sales in more than 200 countries around the world. This has made the company of the leading manufacturers for construction and mining equipment. The company has also helped its customers in the building of the diesel and gas engines, diesel-electriclocomotives, and the industrial gas turbines. Most of the operations of the company are carried out through the three product segments, i.e. construction industries and power systems, resource industries, and financial products segment.

The stock information of a company such as Caterpillar contains a widespread data for everyone to go through, and the main reason is definitely the larger business infrastructure of the company and its operations spread all around the world. The stock quote of the company in the recent days shows the Caterpillar stock price at a stable value of $96.11. The change in the price of the stock is, however, observed negative, i.e. 0.06%. The total stock volume of the company to date is 4,392,208. The recent average Caterpillar stock price at which the marketing is opening in the current days is $95.29. The average intraday high Caterpillar stock price has been recorded to be $96.41 where as the intraday low has been observed at $95.11. The Caterpillar stock price in the last 52 weeks has seen the highest quote of $97.50, where as the lowest quote has been recorded at $79.49.

If we look at the dividend history of the company, we observe that the company has been paying the dividends to the shareholders at a stable price in quarterly basis. For example, in the last quarter of 2013, the company was paying the reported amount per share of $0.60, which in the last quarter of 2012 was $0.52. Similarly, the same dividend price was $0.46 in 2011, $0.44 in 2010, $0.42 in 2009, and $0.36 in 2008. The all time highest dividend price is being observed these days, i.e. $0.60 per share. As the Caterpillar stock price has been varying in the last 20 years, therefore the dividends prices have also been affected accordingly. The lowest dividend rate was observed at its lowest in 1997, when the price was $0.25.

The Caterpillar stock price has also been varying in the last fiscal year. The price trend has been recorded mostly the zigzag. The price was higher in the beginning of 2013, but it started to decline in the middle of the year, and fortunately rose to its optimum level in the end of 2013. The estimated EPS ratio for the 2014 year also suggest that the company will be able to gain more business as more investors will be bargaining their money over the profits of this company. The EPS ratio at the end of year 2013 was 1.58A, but it is expected to decline in the first quarter of 2014 to 1.23A. But the estimated EPS ratio will go up to all time high value of 1.62A at the end of the 2014-year. Lastly, the stock trade history of the company also shows that the Caterpillar stock price is likely to go up because of the people getting more involved in purchasing the stocks of the same company. In the overall scale, the company is likely to get more investments and its stock is also likely to rise.