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May 2017 Sales For Audi: Up 2.5%

|Includes: VLKAF, VLKPF, Volkswagen AG ADR (VWAGY)

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Audi reported U.S. May 2017 month sales:

Audi's May sales showed a most familiar pattern: Overall up low single digits, with the newest-architecture products posting the best performances.

Unit sales were up 2.5% for May and 6.5% for the year to date. This is what drove sales in May:

A4: Up 9.3% (17.6% for the year)

A5: Up 150.6% (23.6% for the year)

Q5: Up 3.7% (21.0% for the year)

Q7: Up 14.5% (12.3% for the year)

In other words, the new sedans and the new SUVs, are what's driving the U.S. Audi sales. These are outstanding new cars based on the MLB Evo toolkit ("platform").

The Q5 being up "only" 3.7% might be explained by the old model inventories having been drawn down as a result of strong sales into the model change, and the new model not yet arriving in sufficient quantities.

Having just launched these important all-new models, Audi is firing on all of these cylinders in the U.S. market. So what's next?

The A8, which is selling tiny amounts -- like, 200-300 units a month -- will be all new within the next year, as will A6 and A7. A6 was down 18.2% and A7 was down 67.7% in May. These are Audi's oldest models in the portfolio, but as you can see, Audi is handily outperforming the industry given all of the newer models such as A4, A5, Q5 and Q7.

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