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May 2017 Sales For Mercedes: Down 7%

|Includes: Daimler AG (DDAIF), DMLRY, DMLRY

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Mercedes reported U.S. May 2017 month sales:

Mercedes U.S. sales in the month of May took a turn for the worse. Sales were down 7%, putting the year to date at a decline of 1.2%. That may still be slightly better than the market as a whole for the year to date.

The bright spots for the month of May were:

E-Class: Up 10.0%

GLE: Up 15.7%

G: Up 9.3%

Vans: Up 7.7%

For the year to date, these are the significant ones that were up:

C-Class: Up 16.4%

E-Class: Up 12.5%

GLE: Up 6.5%

GLS: Up 25.8%

G: Up 2.5%

Everything else of any significance, was down, including CLA, S-Class, SLC, SL, AMG GT, GLA, GLC and Smart.

Selling 147,415 vehicles in the U.S. for the first five months of the year continues to point Mercedes to having yet another very strong, possibly a record, year, assuming no industry downturn, economic decline, or new competitive pressures. Big ifs.

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