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July 2017 Sales For Porsche: Up 0.6%

|Includes: VLKAF, VLKPF, Volkswagen AG ADR (VWAGY)

Porsche up 0.6% in July, and 2.9% year to date.

911 and Boxster/Cayman both down a lot in July and to a lesser extent also for the year to date.

The ageing Cayenne SUV -- to be replaced next year -- also down big for July and to a lesser extent also the year to date.

Panamera and Macan up a lot, especially in July but also year to date.

The transformation of Porsche’s U.S. sales from 911, Cayman, Boxster and Cayenne in favor of Macan and Panamera, is significant.

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Porsche reported U.S. July 2017 month sales:

Porsche Announces July 2017 Sales

Porsche was up 0.6% in June, and 2.9% year to date.  Under the steady surface, however, big things are going on.  The mix shift is positively huge.

The sports cars -- 911 and Boxster/Cayman -- were both down a lot in July.  So was the ageing Cayenne SUV, which is on the cusp of being replaced in the next year:

911:  Down 27.2%

Boxster/Cayman:  Down 54.8%

Cayenne:  Down 18.2%

Those declines are actually worse than than the year to date:

911:  Down 14.6%

Boxster/Cayman:  Down 31.5%

Cayenne:  Down 12.4%

Panamera and Macan were both up in July:

Panamera:  Up 49.1%

Macan:  Up 71.9%

Those increases also hold for the year, although not to the same extreme extent:

Panamera:  Up 38.2%

Macan:  Up 35.1%

The big picture here is simple:  Porsche is becoming less and less of a sports car company, and more one that sells four-door hatchbacks and SUVs.

Nothing wrong with that, of course.  Just a fact.

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