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eDoorways International Corp. (EDWY.PK) Offers Boundless Ways of Getting Together

Although it is routinely described using a host of popular Internet terms, such as social networking, search technologies, niche marketing, and many others, eDoorways is, at its heart, simply about giving people with a shared interest new and better ways of getting together. The common interest could be anything, such as membership in an organization, a type of hobby, a profession, the use of certain products, a political objective. Although there are various other online options for people, eDoorways is unique in its use of next-generation networking interface technologies and its problem-solving orientation, allowing users to quickly get and share critical information.

To a vendor, of course, this represents an opportunity unlike anything previously available. It allows them to communicate with unbelievably targeted traffic at a personal problem-solving level. Instead of blindly and inefficiently broadcasting advertising that nobody wants to see, a service or product provider can now focus completely on using their offerings to help people solve problems, people already centered on, and asking about, the kind of things the vendor has to offer.

According to the company, they intend to capitalize on:

• Web 2.0 community democratic Internet service offerings (like MySpace, CraigsList, and Wikipedia)
• micro or “niche” marketing and targeted service offerings in place of traditional mass marketing
• emergence of new technologies enabling the aggregation and presentation of information
• the changing behavior of consumers, who now actively seek online information to answer their questions and gain information prior to purchasing

Even though such a platform holds obvious advantages for localized businesses serving a community, it can just as easily open the door to worldwide vendors or non-commercial organizations. Already, eDoorways has collaborated with ISTEC (Ibero-Amercian Science & Technology Education Consortium) and the University of New Mexico to develop LearnChannels, a platform for training and education. The company was commissioned to develop a PowerChannel in support of delegates attending the ISTEC (Ibero-American Science Technology Education Consortium) 2010 General Assembly held in Brazil.

With over 45 million “micro boomers”, Internet-savvy adults with an insatiable and constantly changing demand for information and communication relating to every conceivable subject, the eDoorway marketplace is essentially boundless.

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