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VizStar, Inc. (VIZS.PK) – The Safest Way To Fly

VizStar, dba Celestial Jets, the growing high-end aviation charter broker, has gone out of its way to establish a reputation of safety and security, a major factor in an industry full of small companies virtually unknown to many users.

To address any concerns, VizStar has established what it considers to be the most comprehensive set of safety and quality standards in the industry today. The idea is to be proactive instead of waiting for a problem to occur before addressing it.

• Each Jet, in correspondence with FAA law, is flown by 2 pilots, each with outstanding credentials

• Every pilot is certified and type rated for the aircraft they are flying, having completed a minimum of 3,500 hours of flight time which includes 1,000 hours of cross country air time (100 of which are required to be completed at night)

• It is mandatory for each of the pilots to maintain all instruments to the Airline Transport Certificate rating within the specific aircraft category

• All aspects of the flight, including the maintenance and operation of the aircraft and facilities, are kept up to code according to FAA and TSA statutes. Any aircraft chartered with Celestial Jets, as well as the runways, have been certified and approved by the FAA

• All U.S. chartered flights have been awarded a rating of gold or higher by the Aircraft Research Group/US. In addition, the company can offer comparable ratings for all non-U.S. based
aircraft. Regardless of its location, each aircraft is FAR part 135 and 91 regulated and obliged to carry a detailed maintenance log on board at all times

• Celestial Jets abides be the strict protocol of the Transportation Security Administration, the FAA, the Federal Bureau of Investigation and all other federal and local law enforcement agencies

• In accordance with the TSA and ICE, government issued photo IDs detailing the full legal names of all occupants aboard the aircraft must be introduced prior to aircraft boarding

• Any aircraft left unsupervised is locked and secured by authorized personnel. All persons boarding the aircraft must be accompanied by a crew member. If additional safety measures are required, Celestial Jets offers armed and unarmed security details, upon request

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