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Adama Technologies Corp (ADAC.OB) Projects Substantial Revenue Growth, Drops Merger Activities to Ensure Profit Retention for Shareholders

Adama Technologies, – developers of the revolutionary MBS (molecular bonding system) technology which is capable of providing a long-term answer to inestimably dangerous heavy metal waste pollution, projected extremely positive 2011 financial growth data today:

• Revenue $8M
• Gross Profit 40% or roughly $4M
• Net Income $3M

Projected revenue growth for 2011 is expected to exceed even today’s projections subsequent to pending approval of the MBS technology by Israel’s IEPA, thus securing even more territory for ADAC, which is already developing in Romania and surrounding countries.

Adama’s MBS technology can treat all RCRA/UTS-defined (Resource and Recovery Act, Universal Treatment Standards) metals, has completed US EPA’s “SITE” program and is ready for commercial use.
There is a $3B market for MBS in Israel alone.

Adama has successfully established its patented clean-tech solutions and is rapidly moving to secure multiple countries where the technology can be applied to soil remediation projects.

CEO of ADAC, Aviram Malik, noted that these extremely positive projections have led to the decision to suspend the previously-reported merger. This decision will allow the projected revenues to end up in shareholder’s pockets, rather than being diluted by merger activities, a move reaffirming ADAC’s philosophy of putting investors first.

Malik expressed confidence that ADAC was becoming a world-leading clean-tech provider and forecast continued growth over the next three years, as high compound revenue and profit growth would continue to drive shareholder returns.

Malik went on to illustrate that the demand for ADAC’s patented technology and clear track-record of approval/effectiveness, constitutes a perfect argument for maintaining a distraction-free, shareholder profit-focused strategy.

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