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Even though the mortgage loan industry as a whole has gone through what is arguably the single biggest setback in its history, with an associated public relations disaster that will remain in the public's collective mind indefinitely, it has also resulted in a new day for the industry and a better way of doing business. Led by companies like Loans4Less, old-fashioned values are being coupled with the very newest technologies, offering consumers transparency, a sense of confidence, and ease-of-process that is transforming the mortgage loan experience.

With home sales on the rise, it's a timely and much needed change. Although housing is only one part of the economy, increased home sales encourage increased home prices, supporting the net worth and overall confidence of the public, which in turn can fuel economic activity in other areas. Anything that makes the home buying process more efficient and attractive represents a welcome foundational strength.

Loans4Less was building such a business before the true value of such an orientation was so widely recognized. The company is an online mortgage broker that uses state-of-the-art web and information technologies to ensure efficiencies, but has gone to the greatest lengths to ensure that it is all based upon the most fundamental of positive business and human relation values. It prides itself in maintaining an unblemished consumer service reputation, with an A+ Better Business Bureau record. Although it is committed to offering the lowest rates and closing costs possible, the company strictly avoids things like misleading teaser rates or hidden fees and costs that are still found in the industry.

The company has dedicated itself to addressing the industry's dominating need for honesty, transparency, and efficiency, and has developed an online presence that clearly reflects that philosophy.

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