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Titan Energy Worldwide (TEWI.OB) Advantageously Positioned for Required Global Grid Upgrades

On a large scale, our power grid systems are “old” for lack of a better word. Most of the grid systems were designed half a century ago and are in need of change to meet the ever-increasing demand in the world today. Recently, the World Economic Forum, an independent international organization committed to improving the state of the world through interaction of leaders to shape global and industrial agendas, met to discuss the state of smart grid systems worldwide.

The report generated contains a great deal of interesting information and dialogue from industry leaders on the topic of the state of smart grids now and in the future. A primary point of topic was the need for pilot programs to address legitimate concerns about the state of the technology today. Bob Gilligan, Vice President of General Electric Digital Energy, commented that “utilities are living on borrowed time.” The International Energy Agency stated in a report that approximately $13 trillion in investments are needed to upgrade worldwide electrical infrastructure in the next fifteen years.

Other interesting points of discussion were related to electrical vehicles and the demand created by these new technologies as well as the growth of power being generated from renewable sources, such as wind and solar, and the incorporation of these alternate energy sources into existing grids. Research on the topic that was published in MIT Technology Review concluded that “without a radically expanded and smarter electrical grid, wind and solar will remain niche power sources.”

A ‘smart grid’ is a digital, self-healing energy system designed to deliver electricity or gas from generation sources, including distributed renewable, to points of consumption. Capable of optimizing power delivery and facilitating two-way communication across the grid, it enables end-user energy management, minimizes power disruptions and transports only the required amount of power. The result is lower cost to the utility and the customer, more reliable power and reduced carbon emissions.

While there are many large cap companies in the industry looking to capitalize on the impending expansions that are required to smart grid systems, the number of small to mid caps properly positioned are not as prevalent. Titan Energy Worldwide, Inc. (OTCBB: TEWI) is a company that falls into this space and offers a large upside. The Company is already a key player in the Smart Grid or Intelligent Grid industry and generating revenues through its technologies, yet still trading at value of only 37 cents per share.

Titan offers a range of products including distributed power generation equipment to help companies operate during times of power failure and emergencies as well as applications such as remote monitoring and demand response services to assist customers in better managing their energy assets. While the stock is trading well off its 2009 lows of around a nickel per share, it still has plenty of room to climb back to highs near 90 cents per share that were achieved earlier this year. Given the growth potential based on the money required to upgrade smart grid systems worldwide, savvy investors looking for a bargain will soon be turning their due diligence attention to companies like Titan Energy.

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