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Smart Kids Group Inc. (SKGP.OB) ‏is “One to Watch”

Smart Kids Group Inc. is a global provider of children’s digital education and entertainment. The Company has developed digital media to address parents’ concerns about keeping their children healthy, safe, and aware of their surroundings in their homes, their communities, and in an increasingly uncertain world. Smart Kids Group Inc.’s shares trade on the OTC Bulletin Board. The Company has offices in Longwood, Florida, and Edmonton, Alberta.

Smart Kids Group Inc. is launching a four year growth strategy. This strategy includes character-based merchandising for sale through their website and strategic plans for franchising kiosk and store retail outlets. The Company sublicenses characters, copyrights, trademarks, and Internet domain names related to Be Alert Bert and other characters to promote educational and entertaining media products. These include videos, music, and books utilizing Be Alert Bert’ characters to children between the ages of 6 to 12.

The Company has a cast of animated characters led by Bert the Bee and his sister Clare. The Company is licensing their 28 episode, bilingual (Spanish/English) ‘Be Alert Bert’ TV series to television stations throughout North America. They are also developing a new 65 episode TV series, ‘The Adventures of Bert and Clare’.

Founded in 1993 by Richard Shergold, creator of Bert the Bee and his family of entertaining characters, the Be Alert Bert television and video series was originally developed by Be Alert Bert Productions, a Canadian corporation. In 2003, Smart Kids Group Inc. was formed to fully commercialize the venture in North America and Internationally.

Smart Kids Group Inc.’s design team is developing a 3D animated membership website. It will be a community of knowledge and entertainment for the entire family. Access to the site will be through a site named ‘Smartkidscommunity’. This site will feature a safe environment for children, and monthly reports to parents of their children’s site activities.

Recently, Smart Kids Group, Inc. announced that they are taking steps to create strategic Canadian-American partnerships with companies in Hollywood and New York. This is to generate revenues from the multi-billion dollar 3D industry.

Richard Shergold, Founder & President of Smart Kids Group, Inc. stated, “The market has been steadily growing since the release of ‘Avatar’ in Stereoscopic 3D. It’s a smart move that we are making by stepping to the front of the line with a strategic partner in the United States. We have already identified several companies that have been in business for years in Hollywood and New York with an extensive client list. All have shown interest in creating a strategic partnership with us so they can refer their existing clients to us to convert 2D movies and commercials into 3D movies and commercials.”

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