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True 2 Beauty, Inc. (TRTB.PK) Welcomes the Competition

One of the best ways to determine the size and potential of a market for a given product is to look at the competition. It may seem natural to avoid competition, but diving into a market where nobody else is operating is essentially driving blind. An untapped market is often a zero market, empty because nobody can get it to pay off. Successful competition reveals that there is real opportunity already being tapped, and is almost always an indication of room for more players.

Given this, True 2 Beauty, makers of Libigrow and other sexual potency products for men and women, is in very good company. The sexual enhancement market has become a giant money maker and continues to grow. Three of the biggest names are Pfizer (Viagra), Eli Lilly (Cialis), and Bayer (Levitra). Pfizer (NYSE: PFE) tops the list, with nearly $1 billion in Viagra sales for 2009. Associated products represent another example of how much money is being spent, such as the $3 billion global market for male condoms. But the market also continues to expand for smaller, growing companies, such as True 2 Beauty. A more direct competitor of the company’s Libigrow, called Enzyte, claims sales of over 10 million boxes to 5 million customers.

One of Libigrow’s competitive advantages is it’s stated 100% natural ingredient base, increasingly important since the FDA’s recent warnings that some erectile dysfunction treatments sold online may contain prescription drugs or other undisclosed ingredients that could be harmful.

True 2 Beauty’s main target is consumers in their 20s, and their products are now distributed online through multiple websites. The company is also constructing a distribution network via convenience stores, vitamin stores, independent grocers, adult boutique stores, liquor stores, and smoke shops, with the possibility of selling through large retail chains.

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