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National Automation Services, Inc. (NASV.PK) Growth Strategy Targets Leadership in US Market

National Automation Services, Inc. is focused on growth via their unique acquisition strategy guidelines, which includes two completed acquisitions and continuous engagement with potential others. NASV is currently servicing Arizona as well as Southern CA and NV.

As a provider of systems integration in the industrial controls sector, the Henderson, NV-based NASV aims to systematically build a North American powerbase of automation and controls companies specializing in the design and implementation of electrical control systems which are a vital part of a multiplicity of other businesses.

The company offers customers the practical engineering capability to take their production concept “from the white board to the plant floor”, and does so from its base of operations in the Southwest, where acquisitions Intuitive System Solutions, Inc. (also in Henderson), and Intecon Controls, Inc. (Phoenix) are also located.

Through partnerships, growth, acquisitions, and wise cultivation of the client space by offering high-quality branded services, NASV has its sights set on becoming the No.1 leader in automation and controls and telegraphing that success to its investors.

The company seeks to obtain a “provider of choice” status with a variety of clients in targeted industries, and – through continuous optimization of the business model and operational architecture – NASV is expanding its customer base while gaining esteem within the market.

The company really is an ingenious control-system engineering house, able to develop sophisticated integration solutions ranging from controls consultation and control panel design/fabrication, to field instrumentation, PLC and SCADA programming, radio telemetry studies, designing communications networks, and contract manufacturing.

The foundation of NASV’s highly refined acquisition strategy is copious market analysis, and the company dedicates the optimum outlay of resources to performing due diligence, which is exactly what you would expect from control system engineers who have precision calibrated integration after acquisition constantly on their minds.

Leveraging economies of scale and expanding on the strength of rigorously quantifying efficiency improvements and potential logistical synergies between business segments, NASV implements via a corporate structure which allows for centralized command and control which is responsive to the subsidiary network, allowing the individual subsidiary nodes to focus on their primary operations.

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