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Simulated Environment Concepts (SMEV.PK) and the Smell of Success

Simulated Environment Concepts, Inc., makers of SpaCapsule®, an advanced self-contained full-body aqua-massage system with a number of innovations, offers users far more than a world-class massage. SpaCapsule is a mini-environment, almost a separate little universe that provides an escape from the noise and pressures of the outside. It does this through a well-integrated package of features that let you essentially design your own custom world of sensations.

One of the most unique elements is a personal aroma diffuser, incorporated into every SpaCapsule, to gently diffuse your own preferred fragrance in a very focused area without disturbing the surroundings. It does this with over 120 different essential oils, which are easily replaceable, to create a truly one-of-a-kind personal experience. Aromatherapy has long been known for its remarkable ability to relieve pain, reduce tension and fatigue, invigorate and refresh. When inhaled, these essential oils work on the brain and nervous system through stimulation of the olfactory nerves.

SpaCapsule is the only such system that incorporates the aroma diffuser right into its advanced circuitry and computer. The computer controlled release of the optimum amount of scent maximizes the benefit, the result of long studies by the company’s engineers into olfactory science.

SpaCapsule was invented and perfected by doctors who are on-staff at Simulated Environment Concepts. It combines advanced technologies with time-tested healing methods, integrating programmable aqua-massage, audio and visual stimulation, as well as aromatherapy, into a single elegant unit. The end product is considered by some to be the most progressive relaxation experience on the planet.

Although the system is available for personal use (it can be purchased by anybody directly from the company website at, it is also being offered as an excellent therapeutic and income enhancing option for doctor’s offices, spas, hotels, and anywhere that people might want a break from outside world.

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