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VizStar, Inc. (VIZS.PK) Continues to Thrive

VizStar, Inc., dba Celestial Jets, is a fast growing aviation charter broker, not in spite of the rough economy, but perhaps because of it. The reason is believed to be the economic and competitive advantage the company offers businesses and individuals. As Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban said when asked about business leaders who have stopped flying private aircraft due to negative public reaction, “I just hope I compete with them. I get to work while they get to stand in line at the airport.”

But cost pressures are forcing everyone to take a dark look at expenditures. Owning and operating one or more private aircraft for the benefit of executives is falling victim to hard times. The question becomes, how to maintain the competitive advantage offered by more efficient travel, while reducing the financial burdens of fleet operation. The answer seems to be the use of private jet charter, letting someone else take care of aircraft purchase, operation, and maintenance. And, of all charter companies, VizStar appears to represent the most cost effective business model for the user.

VizStar avoids the financial and operational nightmare of owning its own aircraft, instead focusing on developing a hyper-efficient global network of relationships, allowing them to provide any size aircraft, at any location, with minimal notice and cost. To this they add a host of high-end service options to perfectly fit client requirements.

• The company delivers the most competitive pricing in the industry, with savings of 20%-30% over other services.
• There are no membership fees, initiation fees, or long-term commitments.
• Service is available 24/7, in as little as four hours.
• The company offers everything from short hops to intercontinental flights, business or pleasure, for any number of people.
• VizStar service options, from coordinated limousine pickup and delivery, to business services, entertainment, and every kind of custom food request, have set the standard for charter air travel.
• Every client charter is supported by a Personal Aviation Concierge, able to handle the many available service options and other flight details.

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