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New Age Wind, Thermal and Battery Power Systems Added to Technology Mix

Yesterday, TransAct Energy Corp. (OTCPK:TEGY) made an announcement regarding its ongoing holistic approach to the electric power markets it is entering. These efforts include gaining proprietary technologies in geothermal, solar and fuel cells. TransAct further announced that they are finalizing arrangements in regards to licensing and distributing new age wind generators, hydrogen generators, coal efficiency enhancement processes, fly ash decontamination, waste-to-energy and battery technologies.

TransAct, based in Texas, is an electric company that focuses on the production, management and conservation of electricity through sustainability. Energy produced from geothermal and solar power, as well as municipal waste, are ongoing projects.

Four different companies are providing the technology that TransAct announced. They are currently finalizing licensing and distribution agreements with TransAct, with the expectation of putting them into place early in 2011. The company’s initial project under these agreements will be applying their newly acquired tech to the design of three coal plants in Africa and Asia.

Their waste-to-energy tech will be used to recycle fly ash, removing contaminating metals so that the ash can be used as ingredients in concrete and road bead. The longer-term goal is licensing this technology to other coal-fired power plants, so that they may recycle fly ash in a similar way, thus having a less negative impact on the environment.

With a mix of sustainable and alternative power technologies at their disposal, TransAct is no longer limited to on-grid power and can bring electricity to remote communities, such as their markets in Africa and Asia, providing affordable electricity.

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