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Guitammer Co. (GTMM) Continues International Expansion With Theater Installations And Strategic Distribution

The Guitammer Company is known for its superior low frequency sound products and technology, offering an award-winning line of patented ButtKicker-brand low frequency audio transducers that let users feel low-frequency sound (bass). Its innovative products are now being used across the globe by leading entertainment and theater companies such as AMC, IMAX, and Disney; world-famous musicians; and by individuals looking to add a powerful kick to their home theaters, simulators, and vehicles.

Earlier this month, the company reported that Sichuan Lumiere Cinema Co. Ltd. (Lumiere Pavilions) of Beijing, China, will be installing its low frequency technology in two additional theaters. These new installations will include around 500 new ButtKicker "4D" seats. Following successful implementation, Lumiere Pavilions will have brought the ButtKicker "4D" experience to more than 1,000 seats located in China-based auditoriums, including in Nanjing (opened in 2011) and at a recently announced Beijing location (VIP seating in a Fangcaodi multiplex - in Beijing's second circle).

85 entertainment locations in 11 countries have incorporated ButtKicker products to-date, providing the ultimate experience to over 10,000 seats. Their audiences are experiencing first-hand the excitement, impacts, special effects, and bone-rattling bass brought by Guitammer's immersive "4D" patent-protected technology.

In other recent news, The Guitammer Company announced its sales in the Australasia market are up by more than 600% compared to last year's levels. Leveraging its distributor partnership with Pagnian Imports and the prudent deployment of working capital secured through a recent successful private placement, the company is swiftly meeting the ever growing demand for its ButtKicker products in Australia.

Hess Ghahramanian, owner of Pagnian Imports, stated, "Customers absolutely love the ButtKicker products as they add a whole new level of immersion to movies, gaming, and music that people have never experienced before as reflected in the many glowing endorsements we receive such as: 'It's absolutely brilliant and have recommended it to so many people already' (Chris Tander) and 'Blown away by this product, my sim always felt real but this takes it that next step' (Daniel J)."

The rising consumer demand and Guitammer's stronger cash position after the recent private placement offering, which raised $1.6 million in new growth capital, are also demonstrated by total sales. At the end of August this year, total sales already surpassed full-year fiscal 2011 sales of $1.3 million by over 6% with more than one full quarter of operations left in the year.

Mark Luden, CEO of Guitammer stated, "Our recently completed private placement offering has further strengthened the Company's working capital position, which has helped to drive an increase in our inventory levels commensurate with growing customer demand for ButtKicker branded products. As a result we continue to grow revenues from our core business products as we are more favorably positioned to meet demand from key partners including Hess Ghahramanian and his team at Pagnian Imports. We are extremely appreciative of the efforts Hess has put into distributing our products and even more pleased that we are now able to ship him product levels to meet the significantly increasing demand. We look forward to continuing to expand this relationship going forward."

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