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IDO Security, Inc. (IDOI.OB) Rides Wave of Airport Security

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The history of airport security is largely a reflection of world and American political relations over the past 80 years. The fact is, aircraft hijackings, sometimes termed skyjackings, have occurred almost since the first days of commercial airline flights. Few people remember, but the very first recorded hijacking of an aircraft took place back in 1930, when Peruvian political activists took over a small aircraft to drop leaflets over Peru. The biggest wave of hijackings began in the 1960s, when anti-Castro Cubans began hijacking planes to flee Cuba. In 1961, when the U.S. broke off relations with Cuba, pro-Castro activists and others began to hijack U.S. planes, diverting them to Cuba. Dozens of hijackings attempts, successful or otherwise, followed, with over 60 at its peak from 1968-1969.

By the early 1970s, the first major attempts to securitize airports, screening passengers and baggage, were put into place, though not before the infamous takeover of a Boeing 727 in 1971 by D.B. Cooper, the only unsolved aircraft hijacking in U.S. history. But U.S. airport security got its biggest boost with 9/11 and the war against terrorism. Since 2001, there has been a continuous move to identify and employ more efficient airport security technologies and procedures, an effort that shows no signs of lessening. Earlier this year, over $1 billion was set aside by the Obama administration for new security technologies, with about $300 million being applied to the screening of passengers.

IDO Security is one of the newest firms riding the airport security wave. The company’s flagship product, called MagShoe™, is a unique system for screening passengers that fills a critical security gap. It provides for the quick and accurate scanning of the foot area of passengers, an area not adequately scanned with current systems, without forcing the user to remove shoes, avoiding one of the major complaints of passengers. The device has already been ordered and used by airports around the world, but is just now piercing the huge U.S. market. The company recently signed a distribution agreement with JEI, Inc., to market MagShoe to government agencies and other U.S. markets, and the system is already being evaluated by the GSA for formal approval.

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