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Simulated Environment Concepts, Inc. (SMEV.PK) Offers Exceptional Opportunity For Growth

With certain industries there is one top-of-the-line product, and then there is everything else. Such is the case with SpaCapsule®, the self-contained personal sensory environment and anti-stress hydro-massage system offered by Simulated Environment Concepts (SE Concepts).

Although not the first system of its kind, SpaCapsule clearly stands alone in its superior design and functionality. Protected by various American and international patents, there’s simply nothing quite like it, a uniquely integrated combination of hydro massage, audio/visual stimulation, and aroma therapy. As a result, SE Concepts is expected to see explosive growth over the next few years, as the company cashes in on its unmatched position in an expanding industry.

• SpaCapsule is the only system of its kind that has a dual barrier between the water jets and the user, allowing for higher water velocity and a much deeper massage.
• Unlike other offerings, SpaCapsule provides a top-down massage, simulating a natural hands-on experience, and doing a far better job of enhancing circulation and muscle oxygenation.
• SpaCapsule’s computerized controls and software lets every user custom program (and store) all sensory elements of the system.
• Aroma therapy and other components are designed and built in to the system, as opposed to being inferior add-ons.
• SpaCapsule is the only system of its kind actually conceived and designed by doctors.

But the individual differentiating features offered by SpaCapsule are not as significant by themselves as when considered together. It’s the elegantly engineered integration that sets the product apart from anything else in the field, elevating SpaCapsule to a different level. Designed from the ground up by doctors and a team of engineers recruited from high-profile companies, SpaCapsule has redefined the industry and given SEC an exceptional opportunity for expansion. Through its international marketing campaign, the company is getting orders from all over the world.

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