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QualityStocks Brings Transparency And Credibility To Micro-cap Stock Market

Near the end of last year, we introduced the QualityStocks Rating Service. Specific criteria was used to rate the hundreds of investment newsletters and services we track each and every day for those who subscribe to the free QualityStocks Daily Newsletter ( Recently, our team broadened this service to include thousands of publicly traded companies using the same approach that was used to rate the research firms.

The primary aim of this service is to help investors measure the legitimacy of newsletter firms and publicly traded companies. Trading OTC stocks poses a significant risk to any investor; those investors who are successfully managing an OTC portfolio know the importance of thorough due diligence.

As expected, not everyone is pleased by our efforts. Those who have been fairly ranked as QSL (QualityStocks Limited Information), QSN (QualityStocks No Information), or Caveat Emptor (Buyer Beware) have criticized us for what we're doing. This is just another sign our service is making a difference! Any company or firm is able to request re-evaluation, but they must address their shortcomings to be upgraded to a higher tier.

To see the list of QualityStocks-rated firms, visit

To see the list of QualityStocks-rated companies, visit

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