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NuVim Inc. (NUVM.PK) is “One to Watch”

Founded in 1999, NuVim, Inc. engages in the production, marketing, and distribution of NuVim beverage dietary supplements in refrigerated and shelf stable ready-to-drink beverages and powder mixes. NuVim’s clinically proven natural prebiotic fiber, NutraFlora®, promotes immune system enhancement to maintain a strong immune system. NuVim Inc. has their headquarters in Paramus, New Jersey.

NuVim® is a one-of-a-kind healthy beverage that sells in the refrigerated juice section in half-gallon plastic bottles. NuVim, with its exclusive ingredient NutraFlora, helps maintain a strong immune system, enhances vitamin and mineral absorption, and improves digestion.

NuVim also contains whey protein and essential minerals and vitamins. The whey protein concentrate is known to help muscle flexibility, promote healthy joints, and improve athletic performance. NuVim has only 45 calories per 8 ounce serving, with no high fructose corn syrup, lactose, cholesterol, fat, or artificial colors or flavors.

NuVim contains 100 percent of vitamins C, E, B12, zinc, 60 percent vitamin A, and 6 percent complete protein with all 9 essential amino acids. NuVim® addresses a broad spectrum of consumer needs including joint pain, muscle flexibility, tired/run down, wellness, and athletic training/muscle recovery.

NuVim Inc.’s ready to drink product line consists of fruit-flavored refrigerated dietary supplement beverages. The Company also sells shelf stables: NuVim powder, a powdered supplement to be added to beverages, cereals, or yogurt; and New NuVim Teas and Lemonade, such as Black Tea with Lemon, Green Tea with Citrus, and Lemonade.

Last week, NuVim, Inc. announced that they signed an agreement with Paul B. Addis, Ph.D. to research the additional health benefits consumers are citing in testimonials of how NuVim is helping them in their daily activities. Anecdotal comments from consumers have encouraged Dr. Addis to engage in research that is more meaningful to assist in understanding the reasons drinking NuVim could have new health benefits.

Possible benefits range from better focus in autistic children, consistent and timely digestion in Alzheimer’s patients, and higher activity level in people over 60, as well as improved quality of life of people in assisted living facilities. Research will focus on why people talk about the overall well-being they feel after consuming NuVim over time.

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