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Telkonet, Inc. (TKOI) EcoSmart Hardware Helps Chicago Hilton Hotels Cut Energy Use By Up To 35%

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Telkonet, which developed all of the technologies in their EcoSmart platform (with Recovery Timeā„¢ technology that actually learns from the environment via the internal/external sensors) in order to effect an in-room energy management network that the user can control in a very granular fashion, reported today that the company has landed its EcoSmart energy management systems in three of the Hilton Worldwide hotels in the Greater Chicago area.

Energy management system specialists focused on the hospitality sector, Green to Guest, have made installations in some 750 rooms total using TKOI's revolutionary EcoInsight energy management thermostats, which have over 125 configurable settings and constantly calculate the optimal room-by-room, occupant-by-occupant comfort parameters. The ability to drive a steady stream of data from HVAC systems so that the EcoSmart patented Recovery Time engine can tune how far the temperature can drift from the occupant's setpoint before needing to bring levels back in line constitutes a real-time setback temperature hedge, delivering incredible bottom line savings, especially in such an application as a hotel.

With the addition of TKOI's proprietary energy management platform, the Hilton Northbrook, Hilton Lisle/Naperville, and DoubleTree Alsip hotels will be able to reduce energy consumption by up to 35%. Quantify the savings this kind of technology can bring to long-form, redundant usage profiles like a hotel and it is very easy to see why investors are raving about TKOI. The Telkonet EcoSmart platform's ability to intelligently tune temperatures and calculate required up-time for the HVAC systems based on occupancy of the space is paradigm-shattering for a business like a hotel.

CEO of Green to Guest, Brandon Husko, raved about how there is no fixed setback temperature and how the EcoSmart Recovery Time engine automatically finds dynamic temperatures for individual rooms, making the implementation both user friendly, lightweight/simple, and yet highly intuitive/sophisticated in terms of how it handles the overall HVAC usage. The hotels even rolled out TKOI's Green Button feature, allowing occupants to opt-in for energy conservation measures, with customers getting to feel good as they press the button for modest adjustments to the setback and Recovery Time parameters, resulting in a measurable reduction to overall environmental impact. The Green Button is a brilliant feature which drives end market engagement while promoting organic PR for the location that uses TKOI hardware.

This initiative dovetails exceptionally well with Hilton Worldwide's brand presence/identity and their five year commitment (09-14) to push serious sustainability infrastructural goals aimed at all of the major vectors like lighting, water, waste, energy use, and emissions. TKOI is really helping Hilton meet their 20% energy reduction target for 2014; and with an average 6.6% reduction already achieved, the Hilton Northbrook, Hilton Lisle/Naperville, and DoubleTree Alsip are gearing up to lead the pack with even higher savings.

Co-owner of the three hotels, Frank Allgauer, noted how sustainability was gaining dominance among leisure and business categories of clientele and how the TKOI hardware allows the hotels to not only meet their sustainability goals without impacting guest experience, but also engage the customers in a meaningful way which helps to promote the entire concept. The execution is brilliant, customers don't even notice the real-time modulation because of how efficient the Recovery Time technology is and they can opt-in to go even greener. Precisely the kind of marketing ingenuity that keeps a hotel thriving.

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