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Exclusive Canadian Distribution Agreement Signed Between Green Innovations Ltd. (GNIN) And Avanti Distribution

Green Innovations, a sustainability-focused distributor of bamboo-based product lines, announced that its wholly-owned subsidiary, Green Hygienics, has executed an exclusive distribution agreement with Avanti Distribution. Avanti Distribution is a Quebec, Canada-based company and will be the sole distributor of various Green Hygienics 100% tree-free bamboo-based products and traditional non-green products in the Canadian market.

"Expanding our distribution network into new territories is a significant component of our aggressive growth strategy and overall corporate mission," stated Mr. Bruce Harmon, CEO of Green Innovations. "Joining forces with Avanti Distribution should accelerate the roll-out of our complete line of Green Hygienics products across Canada and potentially introduce the entire country to our 100% tree-free bamboo-based products."

As part of the agreement, a list of products was specifically included in the initial distribution. Going forward, additional products may be included as well. The included products are:

• Biodegradable diapers of 100% bamboo pulp

• Female Sanitary Pads made from bamboo pulp

• Panty Liners made from bamboo pulp

• TCF free bamboo pulp based plates and cups

• Produce platters and absorbents made from bamboo pulp

• Nursing pads made from bamboo pulp

• Under arm absorbing pads made from bamboo pulp

• Dryer sheet pads made from bamboo viscous fiber

• Diverse stationary 100% tree-free

Avanti Distribution was selected because of its focus on introducing new products in the traditional marketplace and in the vending industry in Canada and United States through local, regional, and national distributors. The proven track record demonstrated that Avanti has relevant experience and achieved successful results in R&D and new product launches in the United Kingdom, Canada, United States, and Mexico.

Green Innovations is the exclusive licensed North American distributor of American Hygienics Corporation's 100% tree-free bamboo-based product line. This line includes personal care and paper-based goods. The company provides consumers the opportunity to enjoy high-quality and performance eco-friendly goods from dedicated experts that have been producing bamboo products for over a decade. In addition to the cost-benefit of local raw material manufacturing, the company benefits from the satisfaction of knowing that by using these products they are doing their part to reduce their carbon footprint and to continue the movement towards a more healthy and sustainable planet.

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