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National Automation Services, Inc. (NASV.PK) Bases Company on Detailed Code of Business Conduct

In the same way that National Automation Services has expressed a very specific strategy for becoming the automation system and control industry leader through partnerships, internal growth, and accretive acquisitions, the company has formulated a comprehensive operational code as a foundation for implementing that strategy. According to Bob Chance, CEO, it is the company’s duty to provide exceptional results and standards to all customers, shareholders, suppliers, and fellow employees, something that can be achieved only by upholding a set of core values defined by an official Code of Business Conduct.

This Code, summarized below, is meant as a guide underpinning the overall success of NAS, but could easily act as a template for any company, in or out of the automation and controls industry.

• Problem Reporting and Resolution
If employees have knowledge of any activity that is or might be a violation of the company’s standards of business conduct, they must report that activity promptly to their supervisor or management.

• Conflict of Interest
All employees must conduct themselves with the highest standards of integrity, honesty, and fairness, to avoid any conflict between their personal interests and the interests of the company.

• Giving/Receiving Gifts & Gratuities, Bribery and Corruption
National Automation, and its employees and supporting representatives, must conduct business with all customers, subcontractors, suppliers, distributors, and others, on the basis of service, quality, performance, and price, without giving or accepting anything of value that could influence or appear to influence the outcome of a transaction.

• Accurate Books and Records
To maintain the highest of ethical standards, no false, misleading, or artificial entries may be made in the books and records of the company.

• Company Resources and Product Integrity
Company resources, and the property and technology of customers, subcontractors, and suppliers (including technical data, patents, software, and materials), may not be taken, used, altered, or destroyed, without proper authorization.

• Protecting Trade Secrets and Intellectual Property
Information that is not public, whether it is sensitive NAS information, sensitive information received from a third party, or government classified information, may not be disclosed except as authorized.

• Insider Trading
As a publicly traded company, National Automation must abide by all securities laws, including those that make it illegal for those with “inside information” to buy or sell securities (stocks, bonds, options, etc.).

• Individual Respect and Concern
National Automation will not tolerate discrimination, harassment, or physical or verbal threats, all of which deny employees the opportunity to contribute to the best of their abilities and deprive the company of their full talents.

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