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Zentric (ZNTR.OB) is Taking the Battery Industry to a New Plateau

In mature industries, technological improvements tend to offer incremental benefits, often barely noticeable to the end user. Years of work that result in efficiency or cost improvements of only a few percent may be presented as major breakthroughs, but the public sees the industry as largely stagnant. When a significant breakthrough does occur, the industry is lifted to a new plateau, able to address applications in ways not previously possible.

It’s a path followed for well over a century by the battery industry. With a handful of exceptions, developments in battery technology over the years have been modest, frustrating those who are anxious to apply battery power to the demands of the 21st Century. Batteries for electric vehicles, for example, continue to be criticized as being either underpowered or overpriced, requiring advances that are major, not minor.

Zentric Inc. believes that it has the answer, a battery that can be produced today, without the need for exotic or expensive materials, costing far less than lithium-ion batteries, but with up to 30% more power than traditional lead acid batteries. It’s a technological solution that could not have come at a better time.

The new battery is based upon discoveries made relating to a unique combination of battery components. By the novel choice and design of battery electrolytes and membrane, proprietary to Zentric, battery voltage and power jumps dramatically.

The company is already in the process of building a battery production facility in China, where the demand for batteries is skyrocketing, with the goal of providing a superior battery for both hybrid and all-electric vehicles. Growth in the demand for batteries in China is expected to exceed 8% annually, and the market for high-capacity batteries is projected to increase even faster, perhaps 30% by 2015.

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