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The Guitammer Company, Inc. (GTMM) ButtKicker Products Introduce A New Dimension Of Excitement And Realism To Home Entertainment

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As an enthusiast for the latest tech toys, I've bought and tried a lot of great and not-so-great products over the years. When a person buys a product that isn't considered "mainstream" yet, they accept a pretty high level of risk. Quite often it will fall short of promises, come with frustrating bugs that still have to be worked out, or will die prematurely because of cheap materials or poor testing protocols. However, every so often a game-changer enters the market and makes the consumer wonder how they could ever go back to life the way it was.

The Guitammer Company's ButtKicker systems are literally changing the game (or whatever else you throw at it - movies, music, etc.). Do you remember the first time you had the big screen experience in someone's living room? What about your reaction to your first home theater surround sound demonstration? If you now have these items in your own home, you know the disappointment when you have to watch a movie on a modest-sized TV with just the built-in stereo speakers.

So what is the ButtKicker exactly? The company calls it a silent subwoofer that turns any home theater into a 4D theater, allowing viewers to truly feel all the action in their living room for the very first time. ButtKicker-brand products use the subwoofer channel to shake your entire couch precisely in sync with the movie, video game, or music that is being played. Having a ButtKicker hooked up changes everything.

When they say the whole couch, they mean the whole couch! There are no empty promises or exaggerations here. I have a very heavy couch with each end functioning as a recliner. The powerful effects produced by the ButtKicker made it all the way down the leg rest on each end. Just like in real life, when an explosion goes off, you can feel it all the way up and down your body.

Although watching movies and listening to my favorite songs with the ButtKicker was awesome, playing an action-packed game like Call of Duty brought the most excitement. It's a total different experience when you shoot your weapon and actually feel the recoil. When was the last time you were playing a game and your whole body felt the impact after you pulled the trigger? Trust me, it's a total different experience compared to a controller weakly vibrating in your hands.

I decided on the wireless ButtKicker kit because it had everything I needed in the box and promised to be very easy to setup. Although it only takes 30 minutes to setup your ButtKicker system, you won't leave the room for hours after you start getting it out of the box. I had a blast watching movies, listening to all kinds of different songs, and playing various video games throughout the night. Even during the quiet parts, my ButtKicker found a way to bring the entertainment to life in ways I've never experienced before.

There is a lot more that could be said about the experiences I had when trying different games, music genres, and films (even family videos like Finding Nemo pack a big punch). But, honestly, there is only one way to fully understand what it is like and that is to try it yourself. The Guitammer Company gladly takes all the risk by offering a money-back guarantee, so there's no reason not to try it out.

Right now the company has a number of great holiday deals on popular systems. The Wireless ButtKicker system I got (which comes with everything you need) is being sold for just $379.99 with free shipping (over 20% off). To see what else is on sale for the holidays, visit:

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